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Swapna Bhide

A Contributive Life Is a Joyful One

Living Buddhism: Thank you, Swapna, for sharing your experience with us. Where did you grow up? Swapna Bhide: Thank you for the opportunity. I was raised in Pune, India, in a conservative family. I spent the majority of…

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“I Feel Like We Lived a Romance Novel”

Living Buddhism: Hello, Sumiko. Thank you very much for meeting with us, and thank you for your generous financial support of the SGI-USA throughout the years. How were you introduced to Buddhism? Sumiko George: First, let me say…

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To My Friends

We are in a season when
there are wide fluctuations
in temperature.
Wisely manage your health,
such as wearing an extra layer
of clothing.
Let’s stay alert and lead
healthy lives!

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SGI-USA Presents:“Buddhist in America”
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