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Members’ contributions support encouraging special events, Buddhist Centers and other programs and activities throughout the country.

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Swapna Bhide

A Contributive Life Is a Joyful One

Living Buddhism: Thank you, Swapna, for sharing your experience with us. Where did you grow up? Swapna Bhide: Thank you for the opportunity. I was raised in Pune, India, in a conservative family. I spent the majority of…

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Expanding the Soka Network of Hope and Courage

Members’ contributions support Buddhist Centers and projects to strengthen our movement for peace. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, SGI-USA has launched new programs to provide additional resources for members while spreading our values to society.

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To My Friends

We are in a season when
there are wide fluctuations
in temperature.
Wisely manage your health,
such as wearing an extra layer
of clothing.
Let’s stay alert and lead
healthy lives!

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SGI-USA Presents:“Buddhist in America”
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