Courageous Freedom Group

“Cherry, plum, peach and damson blossoms all have their own qualities, and they manifest the three properties of the life of the Buddha without changing their character.”
Gosho Zenshu, p. 784



The mission of the Courageous Freedom Group is to introduce all people, including LGBTQ friends,

  1. to the magnificence and power of their lives, as reflected in the Gohonzon-the “Banner of Equality”-the mandala
    inscribed by Nichiren Daishonin,
  2. to the warm, embracing support of the Soka Gakkai International-USA, our lay Buddhist organization for Peace,
    Culture and Education, and
  3. to the life and works of Daisaku Ikeda, whose dedication to spreading this Buddhist humanism shines as an
    eternal example for all people and communities.

Through sharing this life-affirming teaching that celebrates diversity, the Courageous Freedom Group will advance the
humanistic principles of Buddhism both within and outside the community, offering hope, pride, courage, and confidence
in living the most value-creative and happy lives.

National Leaders

WD – Mira Gandy
MD – Alex Boling
YWD – Kelly Niceley
YMD – Marty Chapman


Territory Leaders

Alison Perlo
Steven Wunder
Karen Walker
Kevin King
Amelia Stone
Danny Hall


Activity Guidelines

  1. Quarterly Meetings by Zone (Or Region with prior approval from the zone)
  2. FNCC Conference: September 16 – 19, 2016
  3. Local PRIDE activities (e.g. marching in parade or booth at festival with prior approval from zone)




At the start of her Buddhist practice, Michelle Riofrio found herself in the grips of fear; feeling afraid to share her new faith with her catholic parents, afraid to express herself in the conservative community in Argentina she lived in. After she was robbed at gunpoint, she determines to use her Buddhist practice to overcome every type of fear that controlled her life, summoning forth the courage to truly be herself.

“Buddhism upholds equality and expounds supreme humanism. All human beings have equal rights. there is no difference whatsoever in their inherent dignity. So, no matter what your may face, please live with pride, confidence and courage.”

SGI President Daisaku Ikeda
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