To My Friends

We are in a season when
there are wide fluctuations
in temperature.
Wisely manage your health,
such as wearing an extra layer
of clothing.
Let’s stay alert and lead
healthy lives!

To My Friends

Strong, resolute prayers will rouse
the protective forces of the
universe to action without fail!
Aim to be the most wonderful and
outstanding self that you can be
and continue to advance unremittingly,
no matter what the obstacle!

To My Friends

If you are a youth,
live to uphold your ideals
and mission!
Start with earnest prayer
and aim to accomplish
your self-made goals!


SGI-USA Statement on the Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina

We would like to offer our profound condolences to the family and loved ones of those killed in Charleston, South Carolina. This heinous act of violence assaults the very heart of all religious communities of good will committed…

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To My Friends

Let’s create a sound rhythm in life,
beginning with reciting gongyo
and chanting daimoku
every morning and evening.
Let’s ensure that each day
we lead lives of satisfaction
and fulfillment, brimming with
powerful life force.

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