Men's Division Mottoes and Flag

SGI-USA Men's Division Mottoes as
Proud Disciples of SGI President Ikeda

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"America's Roaring Lions,
Turn Winter into Spring"

"Disciples, Advance Triumphantly
with Stalwart Resolve"

"Lion Kings of America,
Seize Resounding Victory"

January 2, 2009

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SGI President Ikeda created the three mottoes above as encouragement to members of the SGI-USA Men's Division in December of 2008, responding to reports he received about the struggles that many men were experiencing during those difficult economic times.

  • The "roaring lions" motto indicates the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple;
  • "Stalwart resolve" indicates our absolute determination;
  • And "seize victory" means that we should each become a "lion of justice" and never be afraid of any difficulty.


The principal colors of the Men’s Division flag, red, yellow, and, blue, are the same as those of the SGI flag. The significance of these colors is as follows:

  • Red indicates harmony and victory;
  • Yellow indicates glory and intellect; and
  • Blue indicates seeking mind and fortune

Source: Speech by President Ikeda, April 27, 1988 (From Today Onward, Vol. 7)