President Ikeda has aptly stated, “Today’s Soka Gakkai, too, has been built by women who, since they were young, have dedicated themselves tirelessly for the sake of suffering friends and for kosen-rufu, with the determination of Joans of Arc of the Mystic Law. My deepest appreciation to the women! Now, it is the young women’s turn to take the lead. All around the world, the Age of Women has arrived. I hope that our women and young women will work together, inspire each other and demonstrate a combined strength far greater than what either could achieve alone. We are living in a turbulent age. Separate, we are weak. Those who can join together like a powerful alloy will triumph.” (World Tribune, April 19, 2002, p. 7)

To continue raising successors in the Second Act of kosen-rufu, we should always focus on warmly embracing all of the young women who will graduate into women’s division.

In order to wholeheartedly welcome them into the women’s division, please visit every young woman in advance of her graduation date. Engage in sincere and honest dialogue, and determine the best place for her to practice.

Because experienced YWD leaders will be the women’s leaders of the future, it is imperative that they gain leadership experience at the district level, which is at the forefront of our organization. Prior to graduation, at the appropriate level personnel committee, please have a thorough discussion to determine which graduates should have a leadership position in the women’s division and what the appropriate position should be.

At the time of graduation, please acknowledge each graduate at a district discussion meeting and/or World Peace Prayer meeting. Where appropriate, please announce the graduate’s new leadership position in the women’s division at the same time.