In his lecture on “The Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life,” President Ikeda talks about our treasured pioneers, known as the ‘Many Treasures Group’ in Japan. He says, “This is the time for making one’s life shine even more brilliantly with the light of faith, aiming for the ultimate goal of revealing Buddhahood in this lifetime. This could be described as the period of maturity and joy. There is no retirement age in faith. Rather, this period of life is the key time for further deepening one’s faith and causing it to really shine. The starting point and purpose of Buddhism lies in coming to terms with and overcoming the sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death. Our challenge in the final chapter of our lives is to personally triumph over these most fundamental issues of human existence and achieve the ultimate goal of our Buddhist practice. President Toda said: ‘The final part of your life is important. If the last years of your life are happy, then you have won.'” (Living Buddhism, November/December 2007, p. 43)

The Many Treasures Group consists of members 65 years of age and above, who possess a wealth of life and faith experience to share. Their activities, while varied, inspire their members to continue living a contributive life. We should respect and praise our Many Treasures members. Many of them laid the foundation for our organization in the United States, and for this we will be forever indebted to them. Their lives are actual proof of the power of Nichiren’s Buddhism to transform our destiny.

Let’s learn from their wisdom by engaging them in refreshing and lively dialogue. Let’s also ensure that they can use their experience to continue making significant contributions to the progress of kosen-rufu.

Let’s encourage qualified members to participate in the Many Treasures Group activities and fully engage these dynamic members in our district activities.

For clarification, Many Treasures Group activities are open to both Men’s and Women’s Division members.