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Culture of Peace Distinguished Speaker Series

Soka Gakkai International-USA (SGI-USA) Culture of Peace Resource Centers throughout the U.S. have launched the Culture of Peace Distinguished Speaker Series to engage people in a dialogue on the values, attitudes and behaviors that reject violence and inspire creative energy toward the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

This eclectic and thought-provoking series aims to help community participants empower themselves with a heightened awareness of the subtle shifts in attitudes and behaviors necessary to build and sustain the culture of peace.


Searchable video archive of select Culture of Peace Distinguished Speaker Series lectures and related events.

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Peace Proposals by Daisaku Ikeda

Every year, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda publishes a peace proposal which explores the interrelation between core Buddhist concepts and the diverse challenges global society faces in the effort to realize peace and human security. In addition, he has also made proposals touching on issues such as education reform, the environment, the United Nations and nuclear abolition.

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SGI-USA is active in public education with a focus on peace and disarmament, human rights and sustainable development. It has produced traveling exhibitions for awareness-raising on these issues which are often used by SGI-USA groups in partnership with other community organizations.


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