SGI President Ikeda named the national study exam Ikeda Wisdom Academy on January 26, 2013 during the first North America Youth Leaders Study Conference. In March 2013, Ikeda Wisdom Academy launched nationally with twice-monthly meetings based on study of The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra (available at all SGI-USA bookstores).
In his message to the participants, President Ikeda says, “As youth, you will face all sorts of difficulties, and wrestle each day with worries and problems. Precisely for this reason, it is crucial that you stand up with a great vow and strive to achieve a fundamental goal. Once you decide what is fundamental, nothing that happens will sway you, and you can grow by leaps and bounds” (World Tribune 2/15/2013 p. 2).

The study program consists of two parts with two exams. The first part of the program ended in September 2014 with study of The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra vols. 1-3. On January 11, 2015 the SGI-USA will hold its first national youth study exam that will cover this material. Part two of the program will begin in February 2015 and will culminate in an exam in January 2017. Youth division district-national leaders who have passed the SGI-USA Introductory Exam are eligible to take the Ikeda Wisdom Academy Exam. For more information on the Ikeda Wisdom Academy youth leaders program, please see or email